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As many as 178 million people in the United States are missing one or more of their natural teeth. At Radiant Smiles Dental Care, experienced dentist Bin Hoang, DDS, offers comprehensive dental implants to help restore your smile and your confidence. The San Juan Capistrano, California, dental office is fully equipped with advanced technologies like computed tomography (CT) scans to guide the implant into place and provide you with the highest-quality results. To find out if dental implants are right for you, call Radiant Smiles Dental Care or book a consultation online today.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are surgical-grade root devices that support a permanent, artificial tooth to replace missing teeth.

Implants use a titanium rod that works like the root of your tooth, anchoring the artificial tooth into your gums. Dr. Hoang implants the rod into your jawbone, and over time, your bone fuses to the rod to provide the artificial tooth with a strong foundation.

When should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants are an ideal way to replace missing or severely damaged teeth with a durable, natural-looking artificial tooth. You might be a candidate for dental implants if missing or decayed teeth make it difficult for you to speak or chew food or if you experience chronic pain because of severely decayed teeth.

Missing teeth can also increase your risk for the loss (atrophy) of bone in your jaw, which can cause pain and oral health complications.

Dental implants can help preserve the long-term health of your jawbone and improve the overall aesthetic of your smile. The new teeth look and function just like your natural teeth, are easy to take care of, and last for a lifetime.

Dr. Hoang can determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants after a comprehensive assessment of your oral health.

What’s involved in dental implants?

Dental implants involve a multi-step process that can take 6-9 months to complete.

In the first step, Dr. Hoang performs surgery to implant the titanium rods into your jaw. He uses the guidance of CT scan technology to ensure the proper placement of the rod. You need several months for the treatment site to heal. The rod eventually fuses with your jawbone to form a solid foundation for the artificial tooth.

After you heal fully, you return to the office for a fitting for a permanent crown. The crown attaches to the top of the titanium rod and looks much like your natural teeth.

Dr. Hoang provides comprehensive care throughout the dental implant process. He can use on-site sedation services to keep you comfortable and relaxed during implant surgery, and helps you manage any discomfort or pain you have post-surgery.

Learn more about the benefits of dental implants by calling Radiant Smiles Dental Care or book a consultation online today.