Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile


If you have a smile that doesn't look good or teeth that are infected of failing, then Dentures may be an option for you.  However, the truth is that there is usually a love/hate relation between the patient and their dentures.

Conventional Dentures are a great way to transition from having failing teeth to having an infection free smile that can be used to chew foods and have a beautiful smile. The dentures at Radiant Smiles Dental Smiles is designed digitally on a computer and is printed on a 3D printer. Digital Dentures provide a great fit and esthetics when it comes to making dentures.

The Truth:

Your gum tissue underneath the dentures are constantly changing due to the forces of chewing on the dentures rubbing against the tissue. The jaw bone underneath the gum tissue resorbs and shrinkens over time, leading to a loose fitting denture.  It is very hard to eat and chew with a loose denture. Often it can be embarassing to have it suddenly fall out when you are speaking to someone.


Your existing dentures can be relined to make it fit better; however, your tissues will still resorb and shrinken over time and the denture will loosen over time. 

Best Solution:

A best solution is to consider anchoring your dentures to Dental Implants.

The Dental Implants act as a bone stabilizer.  Studies have shown that your jaw bone shrinkage would be minimized and your denture will never need to be relined again.  Your dentures would lock onto the dental implants to provide stability and strength to withstand chewing and eating forces.

Patient satisfaction with Implant supported Dentures is a lot higher than with dentures alone.

For more information please contact Dr. Bin Hoang 949-366-1160 or Visit us at Radiant Smiles Dental Care at San Juan Capistrano California.

Dr. Bin Hoang Dr. Bin Hoang is the owner of Radiant Smiles Dental Care. He is been serving South Orange County with exceptional dental care since 2003. His specialties include treating periodontal disease using a special laser, smile makeovers.

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